Netflix Face Bi-Continental Streaming Outage

Internet streaming giants Netflix are not immune to facing difficulties, after the confirmed from complaints by subscribers that they yesterday suffered from a ‘widespread service outage’ that affected ‘millions’ of viewers.

Netflix_LogoThe service outage was noted as beginning at 6:45 p.m. PT yesterday (5 June) and affecting subscribers in all Netflix-covered countries in North America and South America, leaving the paying members without access to paid-for movie/TV show access for several hours, with ‘inability to log in’ and ‘slow loading times’ amongst the problems reported by users.

Netflix spokesperson Joris Evers summarised: “We’re aware that some members are having trouble streaming TV shows and movies and are working to address the problem.”

The Netflix Twitter account summarised the issues, writing: “Thanks for your reports. There’s an outage affecting several regions and our engineers are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.”

Three hours, later, though, the matter was resolved, with the Twitter feed updating with the message: “Thanks again for your patience. The issue that provoked the outage has been resolved and the system will be recovering shortly.”

Seen as the first significant service issues since the very start of the year, the slight disruption to Netflix will have gone unnoticed by many of its subscribers, and is unfortunately for those that did notice one of the natural issues that can occur with a technology-based service, but what would the reaction have been by users if it had been ‘gone’ from their lives for much longer?

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