Netflix Experiences Service Outage, Amazon To Blame

Almost a month after Netflix announced being comfortable hosting its popular video-streaming service with Amazon and their huge network of cloud-based servers, now the two companies have a larger issue at hand. On Monday, Christmas Eve for most of the world, Netflix entire video-streaming service was taken offline–due to an outage at an Amazon web service datacenter.

Amazon bring down Netflix

Amazon bring down Netflix

The outage impacted subscribers across North America and Latin America and completely took the Netflix streaming service online. The service has since been restored, but analysts are beginning to look at the nasty gift Amazon gave the California-based Netflix for Christmas. It has been reported that nearly 27 million subscribers were possibly affected by the outage on a day when a majority of those 27 million were not at work, but at home with family and friends.

As for Amazon, the outage occurred at one of its cloud computing datacenters in Virginia and is reported to have begun around 12:30PM PST on Monday. Server access was restored 8AM PST on Tuesday, however most of Netflix’s subscribers were able to begin accessing content again around 11:00PM PST Monday night.

This is the latest in a series of outages for the cloud computing giant, who also hosts popular sites and services like Reddit and Foursquare. An outage in April of last year knocked out those sites and many others when Amazon experienced technical issues.

“We are investigating exactly what happened and how it could have been prevented,” said Joris Evers, spokesperson for Netflix. “We are happy that people opening gifts of Netflix or Netflix capable devices can watch TV shows and movies and apologize for any inconvenience caused last night,” he added.


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