Netflix Experience More Technical Problems

Technical problems for Netflix continue. After suffering through a terribly timed outage of their streaming video service on Christmas Eve, on Monday the technical issues resurfaced–but this time for their DVD mail-rental website. The site, which is used by subscribers to add DVDs to their queue to receive in the mail experienced technical issues that caused inaccessibility to some subscribers.

Netflix-dvd-rentalThis was fixed and Netflix addressed that they were experiencing issues on the DVD rental site of their site, but reinforced that their video streaming service was fully functional. The news comes after the entire tech world was focused on the company over the holidays as it experienced an ill-timed outage when many were either watching the popular service with their families or trying to.

Netflix immediately took to their blog to explain the service outage, which has since been fixed, on Amazon’s web services that the company utilizes for its load balancing–a service that routes network traffic to ensure fast and efficient load times for every subscriber. Amazon did apologize for the incident, however did not site Netflix by name as once its customers.

“We know how critical our services are to our customers’ businesses, and we know this disruption came at an inopportune time for some of our customers,” the AWS team said. An inopportune time would be a deft understatement. Netflix did not provide technical details about the issue regarding their DVD rental site issues, however many users are still complaining that they still cannot add new titles to their mail-DVD queues.

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  1. lily
    lily January 26, 2013 at 12:09 am

    we have tried netflix a second time (first using mac – lengthy hassle had to give up) as we bought a ‘netflix ready’ xbox. i had to sign up for xbox gold, unexpected, and now the netflix app doesnt work – again. first round cs put responsisbility on microsoft, this round xbox gold. i have had enough. after 1 hr + this is what ‘help’ looks like

    Netflix Customer Service
    2 hours ago You
    account not working. loads of shows are either wrong show or cut off at 5-8 mins. those times it tell us we need to connect to xbox gold (we are already connected)
    You are now chatting with: Crystal
    2 hours ago Netflix Crystal
    Hey there! Yikes that sounds horrible! Let’s get to it. Real quick, who am I chatting with?
    2 hours ago You
    leslie renfrew
    60 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Hi Leslie! So your account is working on your Xbox 360 or on any device?
    59 minutes ago You
    no. i am using my laptop. we dont use it for netflix – we use kinect for that
    58 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    So it’s just on your xbox that it’s not working on, right?
    57 minutes ago You
    i dont use it on anything eldse so i cannot really say. we had it last year for a while using laptop and it didnt work – thats why we dropped it. if its going to be a huge drama second round will cancel sooner.
    53 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Okay so it’s the movies you’re having an issue with, correct?
    49 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Hey are you still there?
    47 minutes ago You
    47 minutes ago You
    my son had issues with shows as well. they came up as something else. we are about 30% bad news
    46 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Oh okay! Do you get any error code or message?
    45 minutes ago You
    yes. with movies it says we need to connect with gold
    44 minutes ago You
    the show issue has no message – just wrong show
    43 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Hmmm okay. With the shows, is it every show that you see is wrong or just a few titles?
    42 minutes ago You
    about 20% wrong shows
    41 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Okay thanks! Give me one second!
    36 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Okay so I spoke to my supervisor and he said you would need to get a hold of Xbox and ask them why it’s asking you to do that because that’s an issue on their side. We can’t start Troubleshooting any situation of there’s something going on with Xbox. So if you can totally get a hold of them then I will definitely wait here so you can let me know what they say Leslie!
    33 minutes ago You
    no can do. kids bedtime you didnt hire me, capisce?. you guys did this with mac laptop kept me on ‘its microsoft’ for 6 weeks only to find out from forums that there are issues with mac. you need to work it out. my daughter set this up during hols and she is good with this stuff – prob likely your end.
    30 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    I totally capisce Leslie! We can’t work on it if it’s a Xbox issue so I totally understand if you don’t want to call them, that’s completely up to you!
    29 minutes ago You
    its not xbox. that works fine. he’s playing games on it right now.
    28 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    That’s great! Xbox can be having an issue with our app because if it’s asking you to log into your Gold Account then that’s dealing with Xbox not Netflix but it’s totally what you want Leslie!
    27 minutes ago You
    no. its not what i want. i signed up for a service and you arent providing it – again. do i need to get answers on the other sites or are you guys going to sort?
    25 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Hmmm what other sites?
    24 minutes ago You
    look, i joined xbox gold to use netflix so if this isnt going to work you need to refubd those fees as well.
    19 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    You know we can’t really do anything about the Xbox live account because that’s out of our hands. Is your son playing online right now? If so that’s the account you would need to use if you’re using a different one that isn’t Gold. As for the titles, I can go ahead and report a problem with them if you wanted to give me those titles that you saw were completely wrong. I would be more than happy to report those for you Leslie!
    17 minutes ago You
    i have reported them. yes, as i said already he is using the gold account without problem. its only a problem with regard to netflix. are we not meeting on same linguistic level – this has been going nowhere for almost an hour.
    15 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    I completely understand what you are saying Leslie, I’m asking you if you’re trying to log into the same account that your son is using or if you have a completely different account. Linguistics, I assure you, are not the problem here.
    14 minutes ago You
    we are using the same one. my daughter set up the one acct.
    11 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    Gotcha. Well let’s try something really quick, have you tried deleting the Netflix app from your Xbox 360?
    9 minutes ago You
    no. and my daughter has left for the year so if i do we wont be taking it up again.
    7 minutes ago You
    look, i was told this xbox was netflix ready. that considered it required an awful lot of time to set up so something has been off from the beginning.
    7 minutes ago Netflix Crystal
    That’s perfectly fine! If you no longer want your Netflix account that’s completely up to you Leslie. If you want, you can go ahead and disconnect the app from your Netflix account and we can see what happens there!

  2. alan deuel
    alan deuel February 1, 2013 at 2:05 am

    my netflix keeps reloading,it takes 1&and half hours to watch a 1 hour movie,i’m really getting sick and tired of this,i have the black roku sd/x box,i’m wire less.i have 2 dots of quality.somebody help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mahalofreddy
    mahalofreddy February 10, 2013 at 1:47 am

    I’m having the same issues as ‘Alan Deuel’. Wireless Roku SX2, low quality, constant pausing and reloading! Very painful and annoying!!! I probably will be canceling my subsciption with them.

  4. Christi
    Christi March 26, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Netflix is on my last nerve. I don’t know what is going on with them but it is ticking me off. I have had non stop issues ranging from Netflix site isn’t responding, playing title issues, and something else. For some reason the Netflix for Xbox is running just fine but when it comes to the main tv that is where all the problems are. I have purchased three different boxes that have Netflix on them. There where two different Roko boxes, returned because thought it was the box not Netflix since it worked on the Xbox. On the third purchase spent the extra money for a blue ray DVD player with Netflix. If I can’t watch Netflix at least I can watch Hulu. Hulu not really any better than Netflix. The last two straight weeks now I have had nothing but issues with playing titles. It’s like it comes and goes but the last three days it’s been almost a constant. Not normally a complainer, I do believe you get what you pay for and probably should just turn off the tv and do something healthier but the option to kick my feet up at the end of my day or wake up with the lame shows would be nice. Oh one more complaint, I like that on the Xbox their are two Netflix. One for kids one for adults BUT if you are going to do that take the kids cartoons, at least anything rated PG and under off the adult Netflix.

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