Netflix Expand PBS Content Deal

Further increasing the content they have on offer to subscribers, Netflix have announced ‘an expansion’ to their ‘multi-year licensing agreement’ in place with PBS Distribution, enabling more of the network’s content to reach customers in the USA and Canada.

super_why_pbsAdding to the public service broadcaster’s range on Netflix, shows such as The Bletchley Circle are now noted as being included online, alongside Ken Burns-created documentaries Central Park Five and Prohibition, past seasons from non-fictional content such as Nova and Secrets of the Dead, and children’s content including Arthur, Caillou, and Wild Kratts, amongst others. It was also noted that Netflix is to become the exclusive online home of popular pre-school series Super Why! as of 2014.

The agreement is noted as coming into action ‘this fall’, although neither a specific date or financial details of the deal were revealed.

PBS Digital’s general manager Jason Seiken summarised: “While PBS stations will always be the first place to see our programming, this agreement with Netflix exposes our shows to new audiences and further expands PBS’s presence across all media platforms.”

Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos added further generic comments on the matter, stating: “PBS programming is both entertaining and enriching, a combination that Netflix members really appreciate.”

Joining recent deals made with the likes of DreamWorks Animation and Disney/ABC, the PBS deal is naturally one which has families and less controversial content in mind, but away from any child-friendly draws will the new series recruited from the network be enough to attract any more viewers? Having already introduced a near-identical selection on Amazon just a week ago, it is not like any platform can boast an exclusive hold on PBS content as a selling point…

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