Netflix Cut The Crop Out Of Streaming Movies

If you have ever watched a Netflix movie and thought, “Where did my favorite character go?”, or, “Why is half that guys head missing?”, then you’re not alone and you’re not losing your mind. Netflix have been accused of cropping movies to within an inch of there lives.

What the crop?

What the crop?

The cropping has got so bad that some movies have lost almost half of the scene in some instances.Cropping occurs because Netflix want to show movies in widescreen mode and many films need cropping to fit the screen.

The cropping compilation has been put together by As reported by Tumblr page, What Netflix Does, and they have a number of examples of blatant cropping.

 Examples include the 1968 classic movie Planet of the Apes, which shows a scene where 3 of the characters get erased from the movie (see pic).

Other movies that have been cropped include The Passion of the Christ, Prometheus, Man on the Moon and Inglourious Basterds which have equally outrageous cuts.

Film fans have been left particularly angered because the popular streaming service does not inform them that films have been altered.

The reason for all the cropping is because the TV screen is perfect for 16:9 ratio shows and movies, but many feature films and classics of yesteryear are filmed in the scope format of 2.39:1

Netflix who have 27 million US subscribers and 6 million worldwide, want to fill your screen with movies so will crop films making them fit nicely and showing without the letterbox format of black bars at the top and bottom of the picture.

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