Netflix Competition Clarovideo Ready To Launch In Mexico

Netflix, one of the largest video streaming providers in the world is now facing competition from a rival service in Mexico from America Movil SAB. The international mobile-phone carrier is launching a new video-streaming service in Mexico called Clarovideo and it launches Friday. The service, which will cost users 69 pesos, or $5.30 per month looks to challenge Netflix in a fight for subscribers in Mexico.

Clarovideo giving Netflix some competition

The company has already seen success with their streaming video service in countries like Colombia and Argentina, which like Netflix, allows users to simply stream television shows and movies over their internet connection. The addition of Mexico to the list of countries Clarovideo supports should put pressure on Netflix–who is in the midst of a rapid international expansion plan.

Netflix began providing its service in Mexico in 2011 for 99 pesos per month. Netflix believes that the Mexican market is certainly big enough for more than one video-streaming service. “There will be many players,” said Joris Evers, spokesman for Netflix. “We want to be the best at it and be a great option for consumers. People will likely subscribe to multiple services, though.”

America Movil currently provides free online programming through their Uno TV device and it provides a variety of news, sports and special events coverage for its users. The terrestrial television industry in Mexico has voiced concern about the media giant moving into the country, due to their strong dominance in both phone and internet service markets. Regardless, Netflix and America Movil are about to do battle for users in a country where the growth potential is off the charts.

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