Netflix Comes To Ubuntu OS Via Unofficial App

For those running the Linux Ubuntu OS, a new “unofficial” desktop app can finally provide you with the ability to watch Netflix on the popular open-source operating system. Before now, however, watching Netflix on a computer with Ubuntu installed has been more than a pain–since Netflix heavily utilizes Microsoft Silverlight in its delivery of streaming videos. This has been a real killer for HTPC owners running linux as their prefferred OS.

Skipping all of the technical mumbo-jumbo, the new unofficial (i.e. not officially supported by Netflix) app provides users with a work-around that essentially packages WINE and Netflix into an all-in-one comprehensive desktop app–all of which can be installed using a simple Ubuntu repository, according to the folks at LifeHacker.

The installation will take up a fair amount of HDD space, however, those who have been desperately seeking the option to stream Netflix movies and television shows using Linux-based software, now can. Once installed the app becomes available in the Ubuntu Dash. When first run the app will go through an initial installation work, however within no time you will have full access to Netflix on your Linux-based computer.

Unfortunately Ubuntu is the only Linux-based operating system that is currently supported, however, the Linux community should be able to find new and different ways to install the Netflix app on other Linux-based systems in the near future. Netflix has yet to respond to the unofficial app, however, earlier this year they stated that they do not have any plans to support Linux-based systems anytime in the near future. For now, the unofficial desktop app is one of the easier ways to get Netflix streaming on your Linux-based desktop or laptop.

For more information and instructions on how to start streaming Netflix through the unofficial app head on over to LifeHacker.

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