Netflix Causes TV Viewership Decline

Netflix is causing television viewership decline according to Nielsen. The report, which detailed an 11 percent decline in fewer minutes of television watched each day, was for Netflix subscribers only. Netflix users spend a reported 246 minutes of watching television every day, while an additional 41 minutes is spent on video games, 22 minutes on watching movies, and 12 minutes viewing other streaming platforms.

Netflix viewers deserting TV

Nielsen also reported that television viewing in the second quarter dropped by five minutes per day, or about 1.9 percent overall. Additionally there was a drop in fewer households that owned an actual television set, 114.3 million–which is down 1.37 million year over year. And while the decrease is small, it is showing that Netflix is slowly but surely taking a bite out of traditional TV’s pie.

The report also shows that non-Netflix subscribers watched 276 minutes of TV, and more time spent on both video games and movies with 26 minutes and 14 minutes respectively. The number could prove to be striking for television broadcasters, who are suffering a 30 minutes loss of daily TV viewership for those who are subscribed to Netflix.

Additionally, nearly 40 percent of tablet and mobile device users are utilizing their devices to watch television at least once a day and 85 percent of respondents are using them to watch TV on a monthly basis, further confirming that second-screen apps could become the future of interactive television.

“Whether used to stay connected through social media sites, check email or engage in mobile shopping, the interaction between what happens on the TV screen and the mobile screen is creating opportunity,” a Nielsen senior vice president wrote in the report.

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