Netflix API Requests Rocket To 42 Billion

To get the Netflix player running on a connected device means using their API (Automatic Programming Interface) to request a stream. And the online movie and TV show service have revealed an astonishing rise in API requests for the last two years.

Netflix streaming requests grows x 70 in two years

Speaking at a Paypal presentation, the director of engineering for Netflix, Daniel Jacobson, revealed in his slides that they had pretty much 42 billion requests during January compared to a rather more modest 600 million in January 2010, an increase of 70 in that time.

The API is used by the estimated 800 models of connected devices that run the Netflix service, such as the Roku, Sony PS3, X-box, mobile devices and connected TV.

The news shows just how rapidly Netflix are growing and also the fact that connected devices are driving that growth.



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