Netflix Announces Magical Quarterly Figures

Online streaming giants Netflix have unsurprisingly announced that they have experienced further growth in the most recent quarter, with a huge intake of $1.02b (£668.4m) for Q1 2013.

Netflix_LogoMatching their previously-revealed ‘industry estimates’ of ‘around $1b’ for the three-month stretch, the results announced yesterday (22 April) also showed a large growth in subscriber numbers, adding 2.03m to their membership list in America from January and March.

This figure was noted as being a slight drop on the 2.05m rise seen in Q4 2012, though when measured against the 1.74m recorded in Q1 2012 it was seen as a strong performance.

Away from its home market, Netflix also noted that an additional 1m new subscribers joined during the period to overseas branches, with the site now recording a total of 7.1m members across their international versions of the platform.

Thought to have been key to such figures is the use of original content such as political drama House of Cards (which will be followed in the coming months by the return of Arrested Development and horror show Hemlock Grove), but despite this Netflix is still best-known for its movies, though chief executive Reed Hastings acknowledged both in a recent letter to shareholders, with his comments making an off-handed reference to another big name of the film industry in the 21st century: “Long term, we believe the value of our original series in driving acquisition and retention improvements will be borne out as we add more seasons of already popular shows like House of Cards and further series. Harry Potter was not a phenomenon in book one, compared to later books in the series.”

While Netflix are the clear dominant force in their market, do they have the numbers to make any sort of clear comparison with the best-selling book and film series. Regardless of how many more people have heard of it than Netflix, though, even a hugely popular franchise such as Harry Potter is apparently not immune from some internal issues as seen below, along with a chance to be brought up to speed with the completed lengthy series at a rate of ‘an hour-per-minute':

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