Netflix And Youtube DIAL Protocol Makes Multi Screen Viewing A Breeze

Netflix and Youtube users who are sick of opening apps on multiple devices, to watch content on multiple screens can now relax, as the companies have announced details of their Airplay alternative (of sorts) called DIAL.

DIALSecond screen viewing is the process of making it easy to replicate what your viewing on a mobile device such as phone or tablet, and send that same content to a second screen, usually the big screen TV. This makes it relatively simple to move around the house and beyond, watching content on multiple screens.

The companies have been working on the DIAL protocol, an acronym for “Discovery and Launch” for some time. The service lets a running app discover other devices that can also run the app and them. So for example, a smartphone running Netflix can auto detect that your TV can run the same app and launch it for multi-screen viewing.

AirPlay which runs on iPad and iPhone, lets viewers watch content on their mobile device and then wireless stream (or mirror) that content to a TV with an Apple TV device connected.

The new protocol is supported by a host of big media major players including Sony, the BBC, Samsung and Hulu. The service is already running on the latest Google TV hardware, and support for Smart TV’s from Samsung, Sony and LG is coming.

Although the two companies have had second screen remotes developed, they still involved the opening of apps on multiple devices, but now that step is removed.

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