Need for Speed Reveal Movie Plans With New Trailer

It’s one thing to announce that a popular video game is gaining a cinematic adaptation, and quite another when the news comes in the middle of the biggest gaming convention of the year, though it is a sure-fire way to get noticed by the title’s main customer-base.

need_for_speed_blockbusterIn this rare instance of an entirely non-gaming item being given airtime at an E3 press conference, EA Games offered up a trailer for a film based on hit racing franchise Need for Speed.

The EA/Touchstone/DreamWorks title (to be distributed by Walt Disney Studios), due for a release in ‘spring 2014′ (widely believed to be 14 March), was given its reveal during EA’s briefing, and is confirmed as starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), who appeared on-stage at the Electronic Arts conference to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the video game movie.

The minute-long clip features the actor (along with co-stars such as Dominic Cooper (Captain America)) driving a number of high-performance racing cars.

Director Scott Waugh noted in the trailer: “Need for Speed is definitely accurate and authentic. It’s a real car racing culture. I am going to put you [the audience] in the seat, and make you feel like you’re really driving at 230mph.”

Quite how much anyone can know about ‘high-speed cross-country car racing’ culture is anyone’s guess unless you are directly involved, but in case the movie is not to your fancy, EA Games also showcased new information for the 20th video game in the franchise’s history: Need for Speed: Rivals. Trailers for both can be seen below:

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