NBC Shares Good News About 2012 Fall Season

At the beginning of 2012 NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt had some bad news, his television network did not have a good 2011 fall season. He summed it up by saying they had “a really bad fall.” What can one year of an excellent strategy and some hard work do? It can certainly change that conversation from “bad” to one of “growth.”

NBC-NetworkWhile NBC still remains number 2 behind the decisively number 1 CBS, the network was the only network to experience growth in the 18-49 key demo and in total viewers this past fall. The network was top-rated in the key demo, but still had stiff competition from CBS and their built-in audience of millions that carry over each and every season.

“We don’t have our heads up our asses,” Greenblatt said, referencing a statement by FOX executive Kevin Reilly and explaining why they have found success in the 2012 fall season. Analysts originally pointed to the fact that since NBC and its plethora of sister networks was the home of the London Olympics, that they were destined for success.

While NBC did use that to their advantage, especially for its hit shows “The Voice” and “Revolution,” it was actually growth with their Sunday Night Football program that really drove the ratings this season. NBC has also increased its online streaming options for several of its television shows, as most of the episodes from the newly popular “Revolution” are available online through the NBC.com website.

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