Movie Rentals Added To Google TV Platform In Europe 1

The Google TV platform in European Countries of Germany, UK and France will have access to the Google Play store’s selection of movie rentals from tomorrow (Tuesday).

Google Play transforms Google TV in Europe

The announcement by Google¬† said, “Starting November 13th, Google Play¬†music and movies will now be available on your GoogleTV in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.”

The Google TV system is an operating system built into hardware such as TV sets and set-top boxes and lets owners watch TV and browse the internet to find streaming content. From November 13th,owners in the United Kingdom, Germany and France can also rent and stream or download movies and music making it more like Apple TV.

Strangely Google also announced the rentals would also be available in Canada and Australia, but they quickly removed that part of the message and apologized saying, “We’re sorry for an earlier post that said we’re launching in more countries on 11/13, but stay tuned as we’re bringing Google Play to more countries all the time. the statement it originally posted, which stated that the rentals would also be available in Australia and Canada.”

It seems that those territories are waiting on Google to sort out licensing deals before launch. But no such problems in the US though where Google Play content has been available since last month.

The Google Play store which replaced the Android Market is based on Apples App and iTunes service offering apps, movies, tv shows, and music to buy, download, rent and stream.

The Google TV service has been slow to gain consumer approval, but it is in it’s second incarnation (with version 3 in the wings), and has partners that include Smart TV manufacturers, LG and Sony. They also recently signed a new partner in Korean IPTV operator LG Uplus.

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