Motorola Study Shows Viewers Want Simple Streaming

Mobile phone giant Motorola have this week announced the results of their ‘Media Engagement Barometer 2012′ study, providing an insight into the way that mobile devices users relate to video consumption.

motorola_logoMeasuring the viewing habits of ‘9,500 consumers from 17 countries’ alongside their individual opinions, Motorola found that overall, 76% of those questioned wanted their experience in online streaming to be made more simple across their various platforms, desiring an ‘intuative service’ that is able to automatically loads favourite content across devices.

Breaking down this core statistic, it was found that Turkey (85%), UAE (79%), and USA (71%) were the nations most desireing such an option, while France (50%), the UK (47%) and Germany (41%).

With the high demand for multi-platform offerings, it was not a shock on Motorola’s publication that 55% of those surveyed had video content stored on ‘at least one device’, and that in bedrooms, smartphones (46%) and tablet computers (41%) are used more for content viewing than traditional TV sets (36%).

With regards to such devices owned by people questioned, it was found that 73% worldwide have a laptop, while 60% claim to own a smartphone and 26% with a tablet, all three of which were of course individually measured, though it can be assumed that almost everyone on the survey would be the owner of at least one of those products.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that despite being in the ‘minority’ of connected devices, owners of tablets are more inclined to watch content than users of other devices (presumably due to its more ‘portable screen’ design), with a direct comparison of close to 6 3/4 hours worth of films being viewed each week by individual tablet users, compared with an average of 5.5 hours each for non-tablet owners. Overall, it was noted that consumers in general see an average of 25 hours of combined content (TV & film).

Motorola Mobility’s ‘general manager of converged solutions’, John Burke, summarised the findings, stating: “This year’s study shows us that consumers take their viewing experiences very seriously. They want to be firmly in control of the way they experience their videos, but they’re frustrated. Increasingly, they’re using tablets and smartphones to view their content, and they expect this experience to transition seamlessly across their favourite programs, whenever and wherever they like. Motorola is enabling this shift through innovation in the cloud, the network and the home. We’re delivering content experiences free of boundaries, complexity and impairment.”

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