Motorola Developing Whole World DVR For Multi-Device Viewing

Think of a world where DVR is Everywhere. This is exactly what the team at Motorola Mobility is focused on assembling as we speak. A network-based digital recording solution that would let you deliver recorded content to televisions, PC’s, tablets, and mobile devices outside of your home–all the while delivering ads and meeting DRM standards.

Bob Scheffler, a senior director of solutions for Motorola Mobility believes a service would be a type of “whole-world-DVR”, saying, “We are seeing more and more content providers interested in this solution,” according to Multichannel News.

The service would be similar to the DVR Plus service currently offered on Cablevision Systems and Motorola Mobility is looking to have this up and running by the end of this year.

They are looking at providing operators with cutting edge technology to allow viewers a choice on how they wish to consume their content, specifically outside of the home. Scheffler pointed out that operators and programmers see benefits in extending DVR content to any device in any place, as long as advertising can be inserted.

With large technological leaps being made by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, programmers now have access to embedded meta-data, which allow for certain rules to be followed and ensures that content providers still maintain control of their work. Rules like disabling fast-forward or playing shorter advertisements on the fly are all things that newly enhanced SCTE delivery specs can do for operators, programmers, and content providers alike.

Scheffler told Multichannel News, “You could serve ads based on time of day,” . Not only are these types of enhancements invaluable, but they could prove to be a boon for Motorola to find more content producers and thus increase the perceived value of a whole-world-DVR service.

The demand for accessing more and more content on mobile devices is definitely a reality, and Motorola looks to be at the forefront of providing operators the tools needed to reach those viewers.

Thanks to Multichannel News for the original information

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