Most Mobile Owners Use Second Screen While Watching TV

If you own a smartphone or tablet and watch TV, have you noticed you cannot leave your mobile device alone whilst viewing the television? If so you are not alone, a new survey has shown that over 8 in 10 mobile owners need their second screen fix.

Second-screen-tv-watchingThe report by NPD DisplaySearch confirms that the majority of tablet owners (88%) and smartphone owners (82%)  use their mobiles at least some of the time while watching the TV.

The survey took in respondents across 15 Countries, and cited reasons for using the second screen as checking emails, browsing the web, social networking and checking the weather.

Riddhi Patel, research director at DisplaySearch said of the findings,“The rise in connected mobile devices has changed the way consumers view TV and online content,”

Although users make use of mobiles to consume content when watching a TV show, many also use their mobile devices instead of the TV to watch content. The survey showed that 65% of smartphone users and 85% of tablet users do this. Reasons are the mobility factor and privacy.

In spite of this the report shows no sign of any threat that mobiles will actually replace the TV.  But the report did confirm that tablets are making an impact on small sized television sets.

Riddhi continued, “There is a commonly held belief that the increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones will cannibalize or otherwise adversely affect sales of other devices. While we see that tablet ownership affects the purchase of smaller-sized TVs, there has not been much impact on purchases of TVs larger than 30-inch.”


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