More Broadcasters Seek To Stop Aereo Live TV Streaming Service

As we have covered before, Aereo, the television streaming service in New York City that allows users to watch live television via the internet has been met with some fierce opposition from many in the television industry–specifically network stations in New York. Some broadcasters have even tried to keep the service from launching because they believe the web-based live TV streaming service violates copyright laws. Their injunction was however denied.

Now more studios are jumping into the fray, all in hopes of blocking consumer access to Aereo. Those involved include WNET, Thirteen, Fox Television stations, Twentieth Century Fox Film, WPIX, Univision and the Public Broadcasting Service. Aereo utilizes a network of antennas that capture the television signals for local stations in New York City, and then re-transmit these already free over-the-air signals online.

Consumers can pay just $12 a month to receive the channels, and the premium subscription comes with the ability to record live feeds via a DVR functionality built into the Aereo service. But Aereo is not taking the legal battle lightly, and has brought on three organizations that champion digital rights for their legal counsel. These include The Consumer Electronics Association, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Public Knowledge group.

These organizations are urging courts to side with the Aereo service, which would allow consumers full access and allow the company to expand outside of the New York Metro area. The groups are arguing the case has a “profound importance on the public.” Sure enough, anything involving “free” and “television” will certainly have an impact on consumers. You can start using Aereo for free on their website.

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