Mobile Video Streaming To Be Worth $10 Billion Within Four Years

Mobile devices are the perfect device for streaming and are the preferred choice of many internet TV viewers. Many of those viewers will be spending money via mobile devices and a new report predicts that within four years revenues from smartphone and tablet streaming will hit nearly US$10 billion.

mobile-televisionThe report by Juniper Research called – Mobile/Tablet TV & Video: Content, Broadcast & OTT Strategies 2013-2017, predicts the revenue from both streaming and downloading video services more than double from the current figure of $4.5 billion for this year.

The demand will come mainly from the markets of North America, Europe as well as China and the Far East who will bring in over 80% of the income.

A growing market will also be in Latin America where major sporting events are being held. Both the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 are being held in Brazil.
Speaking about the report author, Sian Rowlands said, “In order to be truly successful in the future, I think we will see players emerge who are prioritising their customers’ preferences; they will do this by utilising cloud technology, allowing consumers to resume playback on different devices, and enabling offline viewing.”

A growing demand for streaming will however put a strain on the networks delivering broadband. The report says the demand will stretch mobile service operators who will need to make improvements t cope.

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