Mobile Screens Taking Over For TV Viewing In UK

The convenience of watching TV on a mobile screen is obviously hitting home in the UK. A new survey has shown that TV viewers are increasingly watching content on the mobile screen of a tablet PC, laptop, or smartphone rather than the TV set.

UK viewers love mobile streaming

UK viewers love mobile streaming

The survey by broadbandchoices spoke to 2000 respondents, and found the shift was moving away from the TV set. Just over a quarter (26%) of those polled said they are watching less content via the TV now than they had 10 years ago.

If that stat is not bad enough for the TV, then the fact that 33% would be happy to swap it for a streaming gadget could make it feel really redundant.

The report shows that the swing to mobile, and on-demand TV watching could make the television set of old soon become replaced within 5 years. The move to streaming on-demand content suits a mobile device more than a clunky Smart TV that users are unsure how to operate.

Although the TV is suffering, watching content is on the rise. Respondents watch 1.5 hours more content every day compared to 2002, with 37% watching catch-up TV. That figure is a 14% rise compared to three years ago.

Mobile devices obviously more suited to broadband streaming, and the TV manufacturing companies have still not incorporated catch-up TV in an easier to use interface. But they are improving all the time, and the death of traditional TV has been inaccurately forecast before..

Another factor to throw into the mix says the report, is the collapse of DVD rental stores, HMV and Blockbuster in the UK. The lack of readily available rentals in the high street could send more people looking for content online.

Speaking about the report for Broadbandchoices, spokesman Dominic Baliszewski said, “It’s not surprising that the old-fashioned television is losing its crown as king of the living room. With so many different ways for people to view films and programmes over a broadband connection, modern devices such as tablets allow viewers far more flexibility to choose where and when they watch their favourite shows.

Pointing to the attraction of both on-demand, and downloading of content he continued, ” The ability to stream and download content has changed the landscape of home entertainment and put the end viewer in charge of their entertainment schedule.”

Our take on this story is that mobile devices can happily co-exist with traditional TV. Being used as a second screen device suits mobile devices, and the recent report that 40% of Netflix subscribers want to watch content on the big screen TV, shows there is room for both.

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