Mila Kunis Breaks Interview Mould On Radio 1

If she was unknown to a majority of audiences in the UK before this week, American actress Mila Kunis will be a household name by the end of it, after a second noteworthy performance in the usually-mundane medium of movie interviews.

mila_kunisIf there is one area in which celebrities are not envied, it is having to perform a countless number of interviews repeating the same thing about their new movie for different shows, but Ted star Kunis, who is in England promoting her role in upcoming Disney release Oz: The Great and Powerful, decided to take a stand when she was questioned by nervous new presenter Chris Stark on BBC Radio 1.

The interview, which like all headline footage was recorded for the station’s YouTube page, saw the actress react well to Stark’s ramblings, insisting that she would much rather talk about the random topics that came up than another run-of-the-mill Q&A over her role and co-stars.

After discussing pub culture, Jagerbombs, football team Watford FC (and their ‘bright yellow jersey’), chicken restaurant Nando’s, meat pies and Blue Moon beer, Stark pressed the issue that the interview was ‘ridiculous’ and how he needed to get back on-topic.

Kunis, however, was enjoying the break, and responded: “Why? This is such a better conversation! Let me just give you answers I know you’re going to ask.”

After reeling off information about her character and co-stars in Oz, she quickly proceeds to go back to the oddball discussion, talking about going to weddings and ‘dropping trou’. Having received over 2m YouTube views in just two days, the interview has been lauded for its uniqueness, and follows on from an interview aired on hit ITV show Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway with ‘Little Ant & Dec’.

Those two interviews, which contain more humour than the entire interview runs of many movie stars combined, can be seen below, along with the immediate reaction on Radio 1 and the movie trailer that Kunis is probably sick of by now. If you want to add to the surrealness, then just pretend that Family Guy voice actress Kunis is in-character as ‘Meg Griffin’…

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