Microsoft Unveils New Video Streaming Channels For Xbox Live

Last week Microsoft announced over 40 brand new entertainment apps that would be coming to Xbox Live Gold subscribers, some apps which will be getting support from major television networks. The announcement paints a picture that the rumored Xbox TV is not far off and that the future of the Xbox means more than just video games.

Xbox-tvOf course Microsoft launched the original Xbox in 2001 with the goal of not only building a brand but using that brand and its devices to take over the living room. Television, as analysts believe, is the ultimate goal for Xbox as it begins to focus on more entertainment-centric apps available only through its Xbox Live Gold subscription–a premium service accessed through the company’s popular Xbox 360 video game console.

Coming to the Xbox 360 will be video channels for popular brands like Maxim and CNET, which join already launched television channels like ESPN Xbox Live. Other notable additions to the entertainment app lineup now include Flixster, Game Trailers, The CW, Vimeo, and even PBS. Other apps like SkyDrive and Napster are also coming to the video-game console.

Microsoft is always updating its Xbox Live service with new apps, and unlike Apple’s iTunes store which can feel daunting at times, the Xbox Live entertainment section is presented in a cohesive manner that is user-friendly. Despite the success of the current Xbox platform rumors are abound of two new devices in the coming year–one being a legit successor in the Xbox 720 and something for casual audiences called Xbox TV.

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