Lovefilm To Offer Amazon Original Series Streaming

While Amazon’s plans to release exclusive online content for Prime Instant Video viewers is focusing heavily on interaction with trial audiences, it appears as though the company’s European subsidiary LoveFilm is set to offer a similar treatment, as 11 pilot episodes of original children’s or comedy shows from ‘Amazon Studios’ are officially offered to select LoveFilm markets.

lovefilm_amazon_originalThe American-based online retailer has over the past few months stepped up their efforts and funding for original content on Amazon Studios, as a means of competing with TV networks and rival subscription streamers such as Netflix, who have already proved to be a successful venue for a number of exclusive programming items.

Amazon’s inaugural selection of 6 comedy shows (Alpha House, Browsers, Dark Minions, The Onion Presents: The News, Supernatural, and Those Who Can’t) were premiered online in December for free to trial audiences on Amazon Prime Instant Video in the website’s native market.

Now, though, it appears as though subscribers to LoveFilm members in Germany and the UK are also able to have their say, with the pilots of all 11 shows available on the service, and open to viewer feedback which will ultimately determine the pilots that end up in ‘full series production’.

The 5 children’s shows that were added to that list last week (Creative Galaxy, Oz Adventures, Teeny Tiny Dogs, ‘The Untitled J.J. Johnson Project’, and Tumbleleaf), will be featured from the start, though it remains unclear how long the ‘trial process’ will go on for the competing online programmes.

Amazon Studios director Roy Price said of the upcoming slate: “Production is already under way for the first set of comedy pilots we announced in December, and now we are excited to add even more pilots to the list – five amazing pre-school children’s series. Our children’s series come from industry luminaries with credits such as Blue’s Clues, Rugrats and Dino Dan. We think parents – and our very youngest customers – are going to love the magical combination of entertainment and learning that they’ll discover in these children’s series.”

LoveFilm’s managing director Jim Buckle summarised: “To be able to host original pilot content, developed by Amazon Studios, and offer our members the opportunity to directly influence which of those series go into production is a major, and really exciting, development.”


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