LoveFilm Love Kids TV With 2,000 Show Additions

In a move which would have their fans in a frenzy if any of them knew what was going on, Amazon-owned European streaming provider LoveFilm have announced an arrangement that will see over 2,000 premium children’s TV shows arrive for availability on their subscription service through a deal with DHX Media (formerly Cookie Jar Entertainment).

DHX are best-known for their distribution role in over ‘8,500 hours’ of children’s entertainment, including the ‘Cookie Jar TV’ weekend morning programming block on American broadcast network CBS. Popular series from the distributors include Inspector Gadget, Mona the Vampire (pictured), and more English-market tailored series Dennis the Menace, and Paddington Bear, amongst others.

However, while the most high-profile, they will be just a few of the shows on offer under the LoveFilm-DHX Media deal, with LoveFilm Instant offering immediate streaming on-demand to ‘around 2,000′ such children’s shows, adding that like all other content, the episodes of those shows will be accessible through their website or a range of connected devices.

DHX Media’s chief executive Michael Donovan said of the arrangement: “We are delighted to offer LoveFilm members access to our award-winning kids’ programmes. Just like LoveFilm we are market leaders and DHX Media’s shows already air on some of the top European broadcast destinations, so this is a natural partnership.”

LoveFilm’s managing director Jim Buckle added: “DHX Media has created some of the best children’s TV of recent years and we are pleased to bring their great content to our service. LoveFilm Instant is the first choice for parents who want high quality, fun and safe entertainment for their children, so naturally the addition of shows such as Mona the Vampire and Paddington Bear is an exciting prospect for us.”

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