Lohan Back To Jail Amid Terrible Reviews For “Liz & Dick”

After most of America and television critics panned her new Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick,” once popular, now infamous actress Lindsay Lohan is back in the news–and jail. The Hollywood starlet is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell, and on Thursday morning Lohan found herself back in the slammer, this time in New York City.

Lindsey was arrested on a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge, police told Reuters early Thursday morning. New York PD Sergeant John Buthorn told reporters that the woman Lohan assaulted was 28 and received minor injuries. The victim was not identified to the press. This latest run in with the law occurred at a popular nightclub in Manhattan and adds to Lindey’s already habitual police record.

The once popular Disney star has transitioned into more serious roles for the better part of the last decade, however, her audience didn’t follow along. The Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” was intended to be a comeback movie for the actress, but critics panned the film and viewers took to their Twitter accounts to show dislike for it during and after it aired.

The television movie did good numbers for Lifetime, drawing more than 3.5 million viewers this past Sunday in the United States. It is now the fourth most-watched original movie for Lifetime this year, which may be a bad thing–since the television movie was generally disliked by almost everyone.

Lohan will undoubtedly continue onward. However, with her growing police record coupled with terrible reviews across the board for “Liz & Dick” the young Hollywood starlet may find it difficult to pick up future roles.

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