Live-streaming Television Comes To Verizon FiOS iPad App

It’s been a long wait for Verizon FiOS customers, who have been desperately waiting for a live-streaming television feature for Verizon’s FiOS Mobile iPad app–but this week those customers have to wait no longer. Originally announced in 2010, Verizon FiOS customers can now stream 75 channels of live television directly to their Apple iPads.

The feature was supposed to be part of the FiOS Mobile iPad App when it made its debut over two years ago and while consumers now have access to the live-streaming television feature now, there is a certain level of limitation currently in place that may turn some subscribers off. Naturally iPad users will need to be a Verizon FiOS subscriber with a valid username and password, but the requirements don’t stop there.

Those who want to stream live television through the FiOS Mobile App will also need a FiOS router on the home network and you must be subscribed to both FiOS TV and internet services. If you have everything required to get the 75 streaming channels delivered to your iPad than you are most likely pleased with the service–however, those who customers who are only subscribed to the FiOS TV package might be disappointed with their lack of access.

And while the number of channels might sound limited, currently capped at 75, many of them are big networks like HBO, TBS, A&E and even broadcast networks like FOX. Children’s programming is available as well, which parents will love to keep their children entertained when the main TV is tuned to a different program.

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  1. Larry
    Larry November 28, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Are there any plans to add an Android App for those of us who don’t desire an iPad?

  2. Uriah
    Uriah December 3, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    I’m sure those who have an iPad and subscribe to Verizon are glad they can stream live TV. I can’t say that it’s as great as it could be, considering the fact that streaming can only be done at home. I have been able to stream live TV to my iPad for the longest time with the DISH Remote Access app and a Sling Adapter connected to my receiver. It’s nice to catch up on my shows when I want, such as while I’m on break at DISH where I work. I really like that I can be anywhere and stream my shows.

  3. droiduser
    droiduser February 10, 2013 at 11:05 am

    I cannot believe this day in age and large corporations are releasing apps only for ipad. Are u kidding me Verizon?? I remember the day when Verizon had only Android powered devices and no Apple. I was one of those loyal customers that stayed with Verizon and gave the new “Droid” a shot…..Im glad I did and would never leave android. Now you are leaving us all in the dark? Really??

    Verizon… you really should service your loyal customers first. Shame.

  4. owned8droids
    owned8droids March 14, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    Any word on an android app that will let me see live FiOS TV? I love my android devices, I would hate to be forced to buy an overpriced iPad to get this feature.

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