Lion King Scene Turns CGI Hilariously

1994 Disney film The Lion King is renowned as one of the best films of its decade despite being a cartoon, and as well as being one of the most notable musicals of all-time, is seen as one of the most dramatic movies of its genre as well.

lion_king_mufasa_deathThis drama generally reaches its peak for many viewers in the classic ‘wildebeest’ scene, in which the lion king Mufasa, after rescuing his son Simba from a stampede, attempts to jump to safety and when clinging on for his life asks for help from his brother Scar, who turns on him and throws the king to his death as part of his evil plot to take the throne.

It appears as though the emotions of this scene, though, stem mainly from the imagery used by the film’s producers, as a YouTube video recreated the scene in an alternative form of animation.

While the 30 seconds is a lot shorter than the full-length live-action remake of Disney Pixar film Toy Story, it packs just as much humour on the basis of ‘not being what you are used to’, with the cheaply-produced CGI footage below definitely not something that was made by the renowned 3D animation studio.

If anything can make you laugh at one of the most emotion-filled character deaths in the history of cinema, it will be this clip below:

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