LG Claim WebOS From HP To Use For Smart TVs

WebOS, the operating system formerly run by Palm, is now under the control of another new owner, after HP sold off the slow-starting system’s intellectual property rights to South Koream technology giants LG.

palm_webos_hplg_logoWhile financial terms of this deal have not been announced, it is widely believed that LG will be attempting to use their new acqusition for the purposes of the latest products in their smart TV range.

The purchase from LG is believed to cover the source code of WebOS, along with all websites, patents, and ‘development personnel’, enabling full control of the operating system.

The format was initially founded by OEM Palm, who looked to use it in their Palm Pre smartphone line, though a difficult start with differing opinion on the concept saw formerly widespread intrest disappear, with the OS struggling before HP picked it up in 2010. After being featured on a number of HP-branded tablets and hardware, the American company would abandon WebOS the next year through lack of use, but it has been revived once more with LG’s decision to take on the system in 2013.

LG president Skott Ahn confirmed the takeover, stating “It [WebOS] creates a new path for LG to offer an intuitive user experience and Internet services across a range of consumer electronics devices.”

The WebOS system will be developed in Sunnyvale (USA) in new LG facilities, though the South Korean company (who reiterate that the system is for their TV range only rather than portable devices (for which Android OS is used)) has been quick to warn that they are not putting a solid release schedule on smart TV sets that could carry the feature.

While it will be a while to see the results of the transaction, can the ‘LG WebOS’ become a firm challenger to the market’s leading operating systems, or is it doomed for a third failure?

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