Karl Pilkington Makes New Travel Show To Moan About

While he has repeatedly stated that he hated international travel, the wages being offered to An Idiot Abroad star Karl Pilkington must be a decent amount, as host channel Sky1 announced that he is getting his passport ready for a new show, set to branch off from the original brand as a 5-part documentary series called The Moaning of Life.

karl_pilkington_global_moaning_skyAfter going through three seasons of Ricky Gervais-created travel show An Idiot Abroad (including the most recent 3-part mini-series in which he travelled the ‘Marco Polo route’ with actor Warwick Davis), The Moaning of Life will see Pilkington travel alone again, as he seeks to: “experience how other cultures face up to life’s big issues”.

He said of his involvement: “I’ve been on the planet for 40 years now, and I’m still none the wiser as to what it’s all about really. I’ve never worried about life’s big questions. People at my age sit about pondering about, ‘Why are we here?’ – the only time I ever asked meself that is when Suzanne booked us a surprise holiday to Lanzarote.”

Sky ‘head of factual programming’ Celia Taylor added: “We are thrilled to be continuing our relationship with Karl following three series of An Idiot Abroad, which all resonated brilliantly with our customers. The Moaning of Life will be a unique take on the challenges that we all face in life, presented in Karl’s inimitable way.”

Though it is unclear whether the ‘travel alone’ part of The Moaning of Life will also mean no phone calls from Ricky Gervais, the pair are still going to be on-screen together for a different reason, with the first full season of new sitcom Derek close to airing (a trailer of which can be seen below), as Pilkington noted of his first acting role and the impact that he hopes the show can have: “It’s a nice thought that, after watching this, viewers might be more pleasant to old people all of a sudden. If this show makes one or two people change their view, that wouldn’t be at all bad. I felt guilty about taking the job from a proper actor but Ricky persisted. When he says, ‘That’s alright’ at the end of a scene, I think, ‘I got away with it again!'”

Despite being given the opportunity to ‘act’ (even with the character said to be designed by Gervais to fit his real personality), many people will find Karl Pilkington as more entertaining just being himself, but how will a stint of asking people from Aruba their opinions on the ‘mid-life crisis’ go down with Sky viewers?

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