Justin Bieber Sitcom Prepared By ABC

He appears to be a lot more tolerable to the non-‘screaming teenage girl’ demographic than he was just a year or two ago, but Canadian-born pop singer Justin Bieber could be set to annoy once again, with reports suggesting that American network television is set to create a sitcom about him.

justin_bieber_abc_sitcomThankfully for most people’s sanity it won’t be starring the singer in an acting role (a transition which does not work out too often), though the 18-year-old is to serve as an executive producer on the proposed ABC series alongside his manager Scooter Braun, with writing coming from Ben Nedivi and Matt Wolpert (Entourage).

The reported plot of the comedy, while not specifically mentioning Bieber, is said to be based on ‘the teenage years and family life of a future pop star’, and would undoubtedly be drawing on at least some ‘personal experiences’. Planned for the ‘next television season’, the series would join other dedicated TV projects which the musician has featured in, including reality show Punk’d, documentary Justin Bieber: All Around the World, and a guest star performance on CBS crime drama CSI, which was critically acclaimed as not being the train-wreck that the same critics predicted it to be beforehand.

While he shot to fame in 2009 partially due to his record-breaking music video on YouTube, that record has since been surpassed, so will he be able to fill a void by bringing in TV ratings for ABC?

Really, though, if an international singer’s rise to global fame with a music video on YouTube is all it takes… then why hasn’t Psy got his own American ‘life story sitcom’ yet?

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