Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Festival-Goers With Fake Band Names

Alongside the ‘hardcore fans’ of popular singers or groups, up there as some of the most irritating people to hear speak are on the exact opposite of the scale, the ‘music snobs’ of this world. Of particular note in this genre are the ones that only listen to ‘underground’ or otherwise unheard-of bands, and seem to take any opportunity they can to let others in earshot know of their superior ear for music in general (even if it just gives everyone else easy ammunition to use the ‘pretentious’ label).

coachella_hipster_fansThis even seems to occur when the band name in question isn’t real, after late night TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel used a Lie Witness News segment on his popular ABC show (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) to prank attendees at the Coachella Music Festival this year.

The latest in a long line of tricks on the public, a reporter for Jimmy Kimmel Live! was sent outside the festival to ask passers-by what they thought of a number of made-up groups, including ‘The Obesity Epidemic’, ‘The Chelsea Clintons’, ‘Doctor Shlo-mo and the GI Clinic’, and ‘Shorty Jizzle and the Plumber Cracks’, amongst others.

In completely stereotypical manner, the people responding gave full praise for the fake bands with the most generic answers possible in an attempt to protect their ‘reputation’, with claims of listening to them all the time, and knowing that they ‘give off a good energy’.

While there are many rumours that claim the video itself was faked (placing a voiceover journalist onto real interviews), it is a fun video nonetheless (that can be seen below), and even if it is not quite real, the results are not too far off what many people would expect from ‘hipsters':


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