Jennifer Lopez Recieves Milestone Star On Hollywood Walk

Former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was yesterday the recipient of a landmark accolade, having her name on the 2,500th star to be placed on the renowned ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ in Los Angeles (USA).

jennifer_lopez_walk_of_fame_starThe award, given for the 43-year-old’s ‘contribution to the music industry’, is the first major ‘milestone’ star addition since the 2,000th was awarded to actress Sophia Loren in 1994.

The Walk of Fame, first established in 1958 with a selection of 500 stars, has grown to cover over 15 blocks of sidewalk in the city, and is seen as a key recognition of when a celebrity has ‘made it’ with a lasting impression in the entertainment industry, with few awards going outside of the regular suspects of directors, actors, singers, stage performers/writers, and presenters.

Accepting her award, Lopez stated: “I really am overwhelmed. This all feels, I don’t know, kind of surreal, but so real. It’s awesome. This landmark moment inspires me to work harder and dream bigger for all that is the future. I hope you feel as I do that it was all worth it, and I hope that I have touched your hearts even in a small way.”

Also in attendance were a number of people the singer and actress had previously worked with, such as former American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, rapper Pitbull, and actress Jane Fonda, amongst others, the latter of which continued the celebrity love-in cringeworthiness by tributing: “She should have an entire block of stars. In my opinion, she’s only scratched the surface of what she’s capable of. I am really grateful for her friendship and her generosity which is huge. For showing the world the beauty of booty and making it easier for a whole lot of girls to love theirs, including me!”

While ‘J-Lo’ will undoubtedly be pleased at receiving the award particularly for this moment (rather than being 1 recipient earlier or later), you cannot help but wonder what would have been if the ‘real’ Jennifer Lopez had carried on her career:

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