JCB Launch New Toughphones

Rocester (England)-based J. C. Bamford (or as they are better known, JCB), are renowned construction and demolition equipment specialists, so creation of a mobile phone would probably not usually be considered high on their priority lists for developing new products.

However, while most companies developing new phones nowadays will opt for the connected touchscreen-style ‘smartphone’ format and packing as many digital features as possible into their fairly fragile devices, JCB have built a range with the sole purpose of survival, in particular for manual labour-based environments such as building sites.

Teaming up with Data Select, JCB have revealed the latest three new handsets (‘Pro Smart’, ‘Sitemaster 2′, and ‘Sitemaster 3G’) from their official Toughphone range, a form of phone built on the Google Android 2.3 operating system (meaning potential online video playback offerings), but with a heavy emphasis on the outside of the device rather than its power.

While all 3 have been created with the idea of ‘durability’ firmly in-mind, the Sitemaster 2 is the most notable of the range, being advertised as having been built and tested to ‘military specification’, with the process including a one-ton (1,000kg) ‘pressure test’, and ‘2m drop’, while guarantees for the product include being resistant to water, dust, and ‘shock’.

On the technological side of the device, features across the three new models (each with a selection of the features or downgraded versions from others) collectively reach as high specifications as ‘certified IP’, a five megapixel camera, ‘SD card support’, Bluetooth support, radio functionality, an 800MHz processor, and a built-in torch, amongst others.

Data Select marketing director Jason Kemp said of the release: “These three handsets mark the future of tough technology and are a welcome extension of an already impressive range of phones.”

Despite the notable ‘indestructable’ features of their devices, all three of the phones are only being given a two-year warranty by JCB. Either they are worried about more technical breakdowns, or they know that people are going to try and push the limits of what these devices can withstand…

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