Japanese TV Prank Invokes Spirit Of Godzilla

National stereotypes are an unfortunate way to portray foreign people on account of the world containing a mixture of people no matter where you go or who you meet, but it is an easy and natural jumping point in most people’s imaginations no matter what their viewpoints are, thanks mainly to reinforcement by the entertainment industry.

godzilla_wreckageFor example, all American tourists are loudmouthed, fat, and ignorant, English people are polite and quirky but snobbish, Italians are stylish and arrogant but with nice cars and the best food, Germans will not appreciate jokes but will appreciate beer, and French people will rarely be seen without wearing a striped top, beret, necklace of garlic whilst carrying a baguette and riding a bicycle.

For Japan, meanwhile, when people aren’t labelled as ritualistically performing the traditional art of ‘hari-kiri’ or tinkering with technology, they are all seen running for their life from ‘Godzilla’, after a much-parodied portrayal in films of the fictitious beast.

Putting that fear to the test, a prank segment of a TV show in Japan has set up a terrifying encounter, with workers of an office becoming ambushed by a ‘dinosaur’ (a large and (mostly) realistic costume), and chased down the hallway as they flee in fear.

The video below is the first example of the brilliant prank which may force all whoopee cushion-tricksters to up their game, along with a message that should (maybe) remind you not to instantaneously judge a nations’ people by simple stereotypes:


Of course, that is not to say no-one would blame Japanese people for being afraid of Godzilla attacking them were it reality:

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