Jamie Oliver Kidnapped For EpicMealTime Special

Hit online cooking show EpicMealTime has recruited several guest stars in the past to sample their unique culinary creations, including a variety of fellow ‘YouTubers’ and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, though their next guest arguably tops the bill for celebrity appearances, as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver made a lengthy cameo on a show which stands for the exact opposite of everything he believes in.

jamie_oliver_gay_bacon_strip_gag_epicmealtimeSaid to be on a tour of YouTube cooking shows in order to promote his new channel FoodTube (which includes live streams such as one that he hosted for the channel launch), healthy-eating advocate Oliver‘s stint on a show that glorifies fast food and grease was hardly likely to be a congratulatory feature, as he becomes the victim of a ‘kidnap’ by the EpicMealTime crew, who lock him in a refrigerator with the intention of making him try some of their ‘Fish & Chip Filet’.

The kidnapping involves him being tied up and gagged with rainbow candy (or as EpicMealTime call them, ‘gay bacon strips’), before being left to survive on bacon strips and Jack Daniels in a refrigerator while the 60,000-calorie meal is prepared.

The sandwich (also noted as containing 2,840g of fat) is nowhere near the ‘biggest’ meal that has been made on EpicMealTime, but the mixture of 50 McDonalds Filet-O-Fish meals combined with bacon, processed cheese, and ‘custom bacon tartar sauce’ (amongst other ingredients) will not be making their way near Jamie Oliver’s shows in his lifetime.

The comedy appearance included some cringe-worthy acting from the English chef, but the episode (which is noted as the 132nd in the Canadian show’s history since beginning in 2010) does at least show he can take a joke, and according to the end credits also wrote the foreword to EpicMealTime‘s official cookbook. After launching his own YouTube channel with a live stream, featuring on EpicMealTime, and breaking a Guinness World Record for chilli-chopping on the FoodTube channel, it has been a busy start to the week for Jamie Oliver, but which of the three online activities will he be most remembered for? The smart money’s on the video below:

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