iTunes Outranks Netflix In Customer Satisfaction Survey

Although their portfolio of products might not be of the greatest appeal at the moment, Apple’s web-delivered ‘iTunes’ seems to be the most popular service of its kind online, even comfortably defeating subscription online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus in a customer satisfaction survey.

The survey, conducted by ChangeWave Research, asked customers of online services what their level of satisfaction was, with 35% of iTunes claiming to be ‘very satisfied’ with the service they pay for. By comparison, the major subscription movie streaming services could not match that of iTunes, with Netflix (23%), Amazon Prime (22%) and Hulu Plus (20%) lagging behind on the ‘very satisfied’ standings.

The announcement could be seen as a surprising one considering that iTunes have not been immune from criticism over the past few months (mainly led by actor Bruce Willis discovering that he (like other customers) does not technically own his collection of iTunes purchases), though it seems plenty of people still have faith in what they feel to be a relatively simple service.

The main point that Apple may take away from ChangeWave’s findings, though, is the rumours that they were looking to launch a video streaming service of their own, a market which does not seem to have a comparative public approval at the moment, and as such may influence the iPhone makers to stick to what they know for the time being.

With a variety of services on offer, it is fairly surprising that Apple have not yet made a real impact in the video streaming market, so while they could theoretically launch any video-based service they like to make a quick buck, will the recent discovery of consumer preferences see them try to ride the wave of approval for a while longer before creating any online streaming competitors?

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