ITN Offer Amateur Angle With Truthloader Independent Content Channel

London (England)-based news content provider ITN (Independent Television News) have revealed their new venture in the form of an original YouTube channel for ‘citizen journalism’, conspiracy theorists, and campaigners to broadcast their content.

Starting life on the video-sharing site yesterday, ‘Truthloader’ is designed to feature a range of topics, with initial ‘headlines’ including ‘UFOs over Jerusalem’.

The site (which appears to have copied the EA Games tagline of ‘challenge everything’) will be open to ‘citizen journalists’, ‘amateur eyewitnesses’, and ‘passionate campaigners’ worldwide, who are able to submit their work for consideration, along with curation and editing from professionals and ‘social media experts’ from ITN Productions before eventual publication.

Presumably a role to lead into the content, Truthloader have hired blogger/author Phil Harper as their lead presenter alongside a crew of executive producers, though Harper is predicted to have a role at the helm of two regular pieces of original programming. In addition to regular ‘as-live debate show’ The Hangout (aired across Google+ and Skype for ‘citizen journalists’ each Wednesday), the channel will also feature a weekly Friday release of original series Truthloader Investigates , reviewing new stories and investigations into new worldwide conspiracy theories.

Chris Shaw, the editorial director of ITN Production, summarised the move to promote the ‘forefront’ genre of citizen newscasting, as he explained: “The Truthloader editorial team supported by Storyful and other social media experts will seek out the cutting-edge of citizen journalism on the web. Truthloader viewers can expect to see new footage for under-reported stories and coverage of events that traditional journalists simply can’t get to. Viewers set the agenda, citizen journalists supply the material, and we make the show.”

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