Is CNN Decline Thanks To Internet Instant News?

CNN was the original 24 hour TV news network, and for a long time the top destination for news around the world. But it seems the internet age is having a very negative effect on the pioneering channel.

CNN are on the slippery slope

They are currently experiencing their lowest ratings for 20 years and have halved their audience share in the last year, according to Nielsen. This is not just a blip, the channel that revolutionised news is in freefall.

So what has caused this very dramatic fall from grace? The introduction of rival 24 hour news channels has not helped. Both MSNBC and Fox rolling news channels are now beating CNN in every important time slot. Then we have the internet, used when people want to check out the news instantly or look more indepth at a story, they Google it. Nothing beats the web for immediate and comprehensive coverage.

The Independent say that CNN’s problem is that viewers only really come when a big story breaks. The story says that when it’s a slow news month, the ratings plummet, for example:-

May 2012 was particularly tough because it was a relatively quiet news month – whereas May 2011 saw the killing of Osama Bin Laden and major tornadoes in Missouri and Alabama.

Unlike rivals, the story points the finger at a lack of change by CNN, and failure to adapt to the new information age. Even bringing in the high profile Piers Morgan, who replaced Larry King on his live interview show has been a flop. After initial success, he cannot match the established and well loved anchor man. Compared to King’s average 600,000 viewers, Morgan gets around 417,000.

CNN are pushing digital content delivery on tablets, phones and computers. But the internet has already decimated the newspaper industry, have CNN left it too late to adapt and save TV news?

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