iPad Taking Viewers Eyeballs Off The TV During Primetime

Great for watching TV and for reading

The iPad was always thought to be the perfect device for watching tv, sleek design and a massive battery life, portable and a big enough screen. But a new study shows that the perfect tv device may actually be taking viewers away from watching tv. The study by ReadItLater, a service that tracks web useage shows that iPad users are viewing text, or reading to be precise during the main primetime hours of 7-11 pm.

The study was not able to determine if viewers are ignoring the tv whilst reading on their iPad, but the truth is probably what i find myself doing on an evening in front of the Gogglebox.But then that has always been the case, even in the lo-tech days of paper newspapers and books.

Whilst a show is on but has a boring bit, or during the ads, i will be reading something on my iPad. To me it is just a more efficient use of my time, but to a tv exec depending on high advertising revenue from me watching the ads,  it may be a little harder to swallow. Especially as iPad owners are most likely to cancel pay TV.

TV may also be getting a little worried about the coming tablet pc invasion, as they are expected to take off big time in 2011.

It is a little ironic though, a device great for watching tv streaming is instead being used for something else during primetime hours, and taking viewers away from the very thing its being lauded for.

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