Internet TV stealing traditional couch potatoes.

Consumers are now spending more time online than watching TV


Consumers surveyed who have a high speed broadband connection have been found to spend longer time online surfing the internet than they do watching the TV, a survey has found.

On average people worldwide are spending an average time of 22 hours plus each week on the internet compared to a paltry 14 hours glued to the traditional TV set.

The survey carried out by network technology company Cisco found that broadband connected users spend around 48 hours per week ‘engaging in media-related activities’ (translation watching internet tv and videos). A further 36 hours are spent just using the internet and watching traditional TV and on average a further 10 hours listening to music and 2 more hours playing games.

Watching video clips and music videos was rated as the most popular experience of watching online media followed by illegal downloads of full length movies. The main reason found for using the internet to view content was due to the ‘convenience’ of being able to view what you want at a time of your choosing.

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