Internet TV Grows While Traditional Viewing Drops – Report

The rise in popularity of internet TV and video-on-demand is affecting traditional TV viewing says a report from Nielsen. But the old fashioned gogglebox is still dominating consumers viewing time, for now at least.

Traditional TV still the boss

The 2011, Q4, “cross-platform” report shows the effect of view TV and video content across the many screens now available, and watching traditional television dropped for the third consecutive quarter showing the trend is moving away from that medium. Compared to the previous fourth quarter in 2010, when 289.3 million watched, the figures for the fourth quarter in 2011 was 284.4 million.

When it came to the amount of time spent watching TV, there was also a decline. The average time spent watching traditional TV monthly was 153 hours and 19 minutes, q drop from the previous years fiure of 154 hours and 05 minutes.

When it came to alternative sources of watching TV, the report looked at internet TV, timeshifted content and videos watched on a mobile phone, these have all consistently grown in the last 2 years.

The report showed that for internet video was watched by 147.4 million, a rise from 141.4 million the previous quarter, timeshifters reached 113.5 million in number from 105.9 million. Watching TV on mobile phone reached 33.5 million compared to 24.7 million the previous year.

Although watching the standard TV dropped, recorded content rose. Timeshifted TV viewing was on average 11 hours and 44 minutes monthly, a rise from 10 hours and 27 minutes in Q4 2010.

So no real surprises, everyone loves watching the big screen TV, the average American watches almost 5 hours of video every day and most of that time (98%) is still in front of a TV set. But as more avenues open, and viewers get used to the new technology, internet tv viewing will continue to grow.

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