Intel Rumored To Debut New Virtual TV Product at CES

With CES right around the corner, many technology companies are beginning to leak information on what analysts might see at the popular event in Las Vegas, NV. Intel, the microprocessor manufacturer, is looking to make inroads in a whole new market–the market of internet television. The company, which sources claim has been working on a streaming service since last year, wants to debut a set-top-box at CES 2013.

Intel-internet-tvThe Intel set-top-box is rumored to be cable of running what sources believe is simply a trimmed down cable TV service. So what makes it different? Intel wants to utilize facial technology to provide advertisers with the ability to laser target their advertising campaigns. While the box would not be capable of identifying people, it could provide advertisers with information on if they are male or female or if they are a child or an adult.

Sources, which have been kept anonymous told TechCrunch that, “Everyone doing a half-assed Google TV so [Intel is] going to do it themselves and do it right.” Analysts believe that while Google TV struggles and a TV product from Apple seems to be imminent yet always missing in action, Intel would be wise to jump on the streaming television bandwagon as soon as possible.

Intel hopes to make a big splash with consumers, but its advertisers they are secretly trying to “woo.” Intel wants to provide a robust and reliable advertising metrics system for programmers and advertisers, which would allow them to further target audiences and ensure their advertising is being seen by the right kind of consumer. TechCrunch’s sources also indicated that this new rumored set-top-box would be able to further access a multitude of alternative streaming sources through apps.



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