Hulus Behind The Mask Stays On For Another Series

While the inaugural series of the documentary show is still 4 episodes from completion (with the final instalment set to come online on 17 December), the impact of the alternative sporting insight brought by Behind the Mask has clearly been felt by Hulu, as the online streaming giant confirmed a renewal of the format.

hulu_behind_the_mask_premiereThe show from Occupant Entertainment will now be back for a second season (rumoured to be premiering on Hulu and Hulu Plus in the latter half of 2014), and continuing the familiarity with viewers will cover the unique worlds of professional-level, minor league, college, and high school sports mascot-ry and the people beneath those large costumes for a period of 10 episodes.

Continuing the successful format, season 2 of Behind the Mask will be led by filmmaker Josh Greenbaum (who is also developing upcoming Netflix original documentary film The Short Game, based on the lives of child golf prodigies), while the executive production tasks will again fall to Occupant Entertainment representatives Felipe Marino, Joe Neurauter, and Kate Sharp.

One key change, though, will be what is seen on-screen, as Hulu confirm that the show will look at ‘three new characters’ in the second season (one each at high school, college and professional sport levels in America).

Head of development for Hulu Originals Charlotte Koh said of the renewal: “We are very much looking forward to working with Josh and Occupant on another season of Behind the Mask. Josh’s perceptive and empathetic storytelling is insightful and entertaining. He turns the mascots into everyday superheroes who we can all relate to and root for.”

While the big-eyed cartoon/animal faces are going to be changing, the show itself will not, so coming off what so far appears to be a successful first season, could the online-exclusive series be set to turn into a regular annual feature with thousands of costumed people to choose from as their stars? After all, it is an industry ripe with talent that is just waiting to be showcased:

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