Hulu Streaming Akira Kurosawa Movies Free This Weekend

The legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa of Seven Samurai fame, would have been 103 if he was still alive today (he died in 1998 aged 88). To celebrate, Hulu and the Criterion Collection are making available 24 of his films for free US based streaming this weekend.

seven-samurai-Akira-KurosawaAll the well known Kurosawa movies can be watched for free, apart from Seven Samurai Hulu are offering Rashomon and Yojimbo, Drunken Angel and The Hidden Fortress amongst others.

Hulu Plus teamed up with Criterion back in 2011, and celebrated the second anniversary with another free streaming weekend in February.

The Seven Samurai movie tells of a village of farmers terrorized by bandits who hire seven samurai, and led to the Western remake The Magnificent Seven.

The full Criterion list of Akira Kurosawa titles are available as a DVD boxset, and online viewers can head over to Hulu and have a marathon watchathon. But hurry, the weekend wont last long.

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