Hulu Set To Launch More Original Content In 2014

Streaming catch-up TV service Hulu have revealed details of the original content coming in 2014, and it includes second seasons of Seth Meyers animation, The Awesomes, Irish comedy Moone Boy, sports documentary Behind the Mask and comedy Western Quick Draw.

Hulu-East-Los-HighHulu which is owned by ABC, Fox and NBC also announced new 10 episode show Deadbeat, which is a supernatural comedy starring Tyler Labine and co-produced by Lionsgate Television due to premiere on April 9.

Also coming later in 2014 is a Real Housewives spoof called Hotwives of Orlando, Brit vicar comedy Rev and teenage drama East Los High which looks at real life issues.

Speaking about the show, Hulu’s head of original development Charlotte Koh said, “The show has this cool, contemporary feel, and feels like East Los Angeles,” . “The show will explore new issues this season — domestic abuse, coming out as gay in high school and bullying.”

Online streaming services are putting more effort into producing original content as finding existing programming becomes increasingly hard, a strategy also used by competitors Netflix and Amazon Instant Prime. The planned Intel streaming service OnCue failed mainly due to a lack of content sourcing.

Hulu’s original seasons will be available in full on the Hulu Plus paid service, and a smaller selection on the free Hulu catch-up website.

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