Hulu Prepare Windows Phone App

Set to add to the range of platforms that it is already covered on, Hulu Plus have hinted at their plans to feature on Windows Phone 8 in app form.

hulu_plus_windows8The plan is one that would be seen as a long-overdue arrival on the young operating system, and represents an opportunity for the Microsoft-owned system to be seen as a more credible means of accessing video content with an arrival of another big-name streamer.

Recent reports suggest that the currently for-sale subscription streaming service has been developing a Windows Phone 8 conversion ‘for a while’, and will be scheduled for a release ‘in the not too distant future’, adding to their presence on desktops as well as Android and iOS platforms.

The news came from the release of an e-mail conversation between a Windows Phone user and a member of the Hulu Support team, who replied with a message which was relayed by Technology Nerd, reading: “Thanks for writing in with your interest in using Hulu Plus on your Windows Phone. We get a lot of requests for this platform, and we’ve been working on making it available for some time. In fact, the app should be released in the near future.”

Acting on the apparent high demand from users of ‘WP8′ to access the platform, it appears as though Hulu Plus are finally set to deliver, but will their efforts be appreciated by a wider audience than just those who asked for it?

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