Hulu Plus Gets Makeover On Apple TV

Hulu Plus on the Apple TV has been remade, “from the ground up,” say Hulu. The new interface now shows categories along the top navigation bar, making it easier to select what you want from TV, Movies, Kids, Latino, Queue, Search & Settings.

Hulu-plus-Apple-TVThat leaves the rest of the screen showing maximum numbers of shows to tempt you to press that play button. Also added is a “Shows You Watch” area for your subscriptions and watched shows. Plus Hulu will now make sure you know of any new shows that get added.

Once you have chosen a show, pressing the play button on a thumbnail, brings up the latest episode of that show. This makes getting at content super fast.

Speaking about the update in Hulu’s blog, Senior Product Manager, Dave Herman said, “When redesigning the experience, we looked for ways to grant you instant access to exactly what you want to watch. Once you decide on the show you want to watch, simply press the “Play” button and the latest episode of the series will automatically start playing.”

Hulu Plus currently costs $7.99 monthly for full seasons of around 230 plus TV shows.. If you have an Apple TV and a Hulu Plus subscription, then you will want to upgrade asap. Just head to the settings menu and choose “Software Update” under General option.

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