Hulu Plus Agree CBS Archive Streaming Deal

A day after the comparatively unspectacular announcement of including 12 Russian films from distributor Roskino on their service, online streaming platform Hulu have revealed a deal that will bring a vast archived library of CBS content to their viewers.

Said to cover a ‘vast amount’ of CBS’ archive of shows, the non-exclusive deal, which will begin operation in January 2013, will only be accessible to Hulu Plus subscribers, though in return they will (in addition to the other ad-free and subscription-exclusive content they already receive) get the chance to delve into the entire archive of series such as The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, I Love Lucy, and CSI: Miami, amongst what is likely to be many others, while clips from ‘Entertainment Tonight’ programming will be featured across all Hulu platforms the day they are aired on the network.

While the archive will not be one to reach the vast expanses of sites such as The Internet Archive, the agreement is an impressive one for a commercial service, and one that will certainly equal or better the deals that CBS have with Netflix and Amazon.

Hulu’s senior vice-president of content Andy Forssell said of the online streamer’s latest additions: “CBS has a long history of producing truly great TV. Hulu Plus subscribers are entertainment lovers who spend their time watching shows they love, versus shows they might only just like. Those two facts make for a fantastic combination, because this collection of CBS titles are shows that people revere and that really matter to fans of great TV like our subscribers.”

CBS’ ‘senior vice-president of corporate licensing’ Scott Koondel added of his network’s involvement with Hulu Plus: “We’re excited to deliver CBS library programming to Hulu Plus subscribers. This marks another agreement that meets the growing demand for our content on new platforms while establishing other incremental ways to get paid for our library.”

The latest deal in a world of mass content partnerships offered by rights holders, CBS (who have a strategy of not allowing current shows such as Two and a Half Men or Elementary to air on streaming platforms other than their own), will hope that their collection becomes one of the most prominent items on the Hulu Plus content list, but will subscriber numbers for the streaming platform increase as a result of the blockbuster deal for the TV archive?

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