Hulu Owners Put For Sale Sign Back On Streaming Website

Many websites would theoretically give anything to be in the position that Hulu enjoys in the online video industry, and it appears as though that opportunity might just open itself up soon… to those that have a few billion dollars to spare.

hulu posterAfter 2 years off of the market, the streaming platform‘s board of directors are reportedly asking around the most likely potential buyers with the company undergoing a restructuring process.

It is believed that the attempt to reopen sales negotiations is a result of the departure of their CEO Jason Kilar, as the company, owned by News Corp. and Walt Disney Co., line up a new direction to move forward in for the service that started in 2007. One considered possibility for the brand is that one of the owning corporations could even buy the other out, in a similar manner to how former co-owners Comcast gave their share up on a condition of buying NBC Universal.

Several possible buyers had been identified during a recent ‘internal strategic review’, but so far Hulu have not received any formal offers, with the Hulu strategy of short-term contracts believed to be a turn-off.

While all three parties (Hulu, Disney, and News Corp) have refused to or not commented on the matter Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter did offer a verdict, stating of the assurances that Hulu might need to make to become more attractive to buyers: “Nobody will buy them unless they can fix content costs in a long-term agreement. The value is based on the profit potential and without certainty about costs no rational bidder will step up.”

Having had an estimated revenue in 2012 of $700m and a 3 million-strong subscriber base to Hulu Plus, though, there would be plenty of worse things to invest in than a reasonably reliable source of income, but will the figures be enough to convince anyone to take the bait, or will the two media giants need to keep hold of their strongly-performing service for the time being?


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