Hulu Owners News Corp Or Disney Looking To Take Control

The two biggest stakeholders in online video website Hulu, are said to be having talks to decide which one will take control of the catch-up TV service.

disney-news-corp-huluBoth News Corp. and Walt Disney own around a third each of Hulu, and are having discussions that may see one buying the shares from the other according to the Wall St Journal.

The two companies have different plans for the service, Disney is happy with the free model paid for by advertising, and News Corp like the subscription style system as per the Hulu Plus model.

Hulu which was created by the NBC and Fox networks and offers free catch-up television shows streamed to computers. Hulu Plus is the paid model costing $8 per month, that offers complete seasons and works on a number of mobile and connected devices.

The service although overshadowed by rivals such as Netflix and Amazon, continues to progress well. Back in December Hulu revealed that revenue had increased by a massive 65% to nearly $700 million, and doubled subscribers to 3 million members.

Although the service has a third major stakeholder in NBC, a clause in the Comcast buyout in 2011, stated they could not take an operational role on the board.

Previously the streaming website was put up for sale, but the owners had a change of mind and decided to withdraw from selling.

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